Speaking Engagements…

Do you have a few hours to constructively fill?

Our Founder, Fabian Venter, will be delighted to step-in. Naturally he’ll talk about what he knows best – presenting, how it is evolving in a modern world, its impacts on business, and how best to tackle it.

(By all accounts, he is a knowledgeable and motivating speaker – with an edgy sense of humor – having had the pleasure of speaking to a variety of audiences on the subject; from Brisbane, Australia, to Guangzhou, China, Helsinki, Finland, and Grand Rapids, USA.)

So if you have some time to constructively fill, or want to make the time, don’t hesitate to give him a call. He will happily listen to your needs, make some suggestions and work with you to ensure your audience is captivated, engaged, and will walk away having been both entertained, and enlightened.

  • Keynote address.
  • Conference.
  • Seminar.
  • Team-building.
  • Lunch time.
  • You name it and he’ll be there…